Comfy bridal jutti for your wedding functions!

Heels are our go-to when we have to think of an Indian wedding function. However, the uncomfortable heels prevent us from walking at ease, forcing the natural position of the foot, ankles, knees and making us challenging to dance our heart out and, in general, the back and the whole body. 


Juttis are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery and are full hand sewn and hand done. Not only they are cosy and flexible, but they can also glam up any outfit. The best part is that they can be customised in any colour and design. From sequin embellished, to beautiful prints and our lovely floral ones.


Here are our top picks:

1. Needledust

Needledust casts a light on the traditional subtle handcrafted embellishments and lends a contemporary touch to it. Its cutting edge designs make a perfect pair of shoes to be adorned with your wedding function dresses whilst presenting adept Indian craftsmanship through its embellished details. All the Needledust products are crafted out of genuine leather and ensure utmost flexibility in usage whilst ensuring a gentle feel. The comfort quotient of the Needledust juttis is enhanced with the concept of ‘chota panja’, which comes with narrower toe box lending a dainty look to your feet. With Needledust shoes, you can be assured with a perfect pair of footwear making your feet look beautiful inside out.

(a) Perfect for Mehendi

These bubblegum pink with sparkling wildflowers and wildgrass embroidered Jutti are perfect for your Mehendi ceremony. Its beauty is in the fine details! The embroidery has fine siver zari, sequins and pearls with tiny 3D bees creating a picture perfect for one to look down at and admire! Made on a fluid cursive neckline, extending its curves even to the back of the jutti, compliments beautifully to the delecacy of the design.

(b) All-ceremonies

These ivory Juttis are a go-to for all the functions at your wedding. Even if you are wearing a red, yellow, blue, pink purple these golden juttis with embroidered lines of fine dabka work alternating with lines of golden jewelled stones.

(c) Sangeet with ghunghroo

All you need is vodka (cheap vodka will do) and a spray bottle. Spray a thin coating over all the clothes you never have time to wash and wait for the vodka to evaporate. As it does, the smells are lifted off the clothes as well. Apparently, the alcohol is what makes the smell better, so the higher the alcohol content, the better. Just make sure it’s plain vodka, not salmon flavoured vodka.
One more tip. Spraying too much vodka on your clothes or wearing said clothes, before the vodka dries, will make you smell irresponsible and deplorable. Stick to an early spray, let your clothes fully dry, and don’t use flavored vodka. Other than that, spray away and enjoy all your extra time you save not washing your clothes.

2. Fizzygoblet

Fizzygoblet is all about fun and drawing from our roots, supporting our artisans & creating something contemporary, unique and super comfortable! A long-standing tradition with a focus on exquisite artistry and the best quality leather was re-energized with graphic elements and embellishment of unusual materials to give the Jutti a new soul. A desire to create something new, the Fizzy Goblet Jutti now compels you to pick the Jutti and find an outfit that would go with it.

(a) Red(yy) to go

Red, Set, Go with the "Ready in Red" pair. The perfect shade of red with thoughtfully scattered roses in golden is a beautiful festive pair for your wardrobe. These pair of Jutti are specially designed with intricate hand embroidery on the upper front and vegetable-tanned leather sole with double cushioning for comfort.

(b) That goes with all

Desert Rose: Payal Singhal X Fizzy Goblet is a must-have in every girl's closet. Payal's signature embroidery sends a hint of magic and dreamy look, using dabka and cut dana work in silver and gold, making it look almost majestic!

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