Shahpur Jat
Puppychino - Dog Friendly cafe

Puppychino – Dog Friendly Cafe

Looking to spend some good time and making beautiful memories with your furry friend. Puppychino welcomes you to its beautiful kingdom with happy faces and wagging tails.

Puppychino – Dog Friendly cafe is located in Shahpur Jat, it’s a dog-friendly cafe which invites their customers both who have their pets and the one who doesn’t have but can enjoy with the doggo of the cafe. You can head here to play with their pets Bobo[labrador], Simba[husky], Moose[labrador], Kiara[husky]. Puppychino- Dog Friendly Cafe is a concept cafe in Shahpur Jat where one can enjoy with lovely pets and enjoy their food.

All about the Menu

Thinking about whats on the menu? Don’t worry the cafe has got a lot to eat and feed. For humans, they have got a variety of food. Pizza, Pasta, Garlic bread[cheesy and without cheese], shakes, drinks.

They have woof some cupcakes, toothsome pancakes and many more for the pets.

More about the Cafe

The cafe is not a big outlet but still got different areas for activities. The cafe has a dining area where people can sit with their pets and a separate area where people can play with furry friends.

The owner of the cafe Nayani Tondon increased her interest in dogs after having a labrador and her worry raised when she used to go for her work leaving her pet alone at home. Starting a cafe with dogs was one of the reasons where she didn’t have to worry about her pet.The cafe has a separate spa facility, taking care of your lovely pets where they can get showered, groomed. The cafe welcomes not only dogs but other pets too. They do celebrate birthdays and can arrange cakes for the pets of your choice.

The interior of the cafe is amazingly done keeping in mind and to provide a good environment for pets. People can buy leashes and collar for their pets. The cafe is a self-funded, that organizes adoption events for promoting and to aware people about animal safety and the care they need. They have joined hands with NGOs according to help needy animals in order to provide them with all love and amenities.

What’s new on the board?

Curious to know what’s new on the board? Well, they have recently introduced India’s first beer for dogs. The name of the beer is woozy-boozy, its a 100% natural beer without any alcohol and carbonates. It is a dog-friendly beer.

The staff of the cafe is humble and the dogs are super friendly and lovable. To enjoy a stress-free weekend with your furry friend, visit the Puppychino- Dog Friendly Cafe to have the best experience.

Puppychino celebrates dogs’ day by hosting a pool party where people can take part and celebrate with their lovely pets. –

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