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All you need to know about your favourite co-ords styles!

Even if your wardrobe is full of colourful clothes, there are always some colours which you prefer more than other colours, which make you feel extra confident and comfortable. It is the exact colour that reflects your personality. 

Co-ords is one of the safest outfit ensembles to wear. The term co-ord means wearing an upper and lower garment of the same fabric— it could be a combination of a jacket with pants, top and shorts, top and skirt or top and pants. Women’s co-ords are reliable, stylish pieces in any Spring/Summer wardrobe and even for Fall/Winter. 

Women’s co-ord set has never looked cooler so thanks to the “matchy-matchy” trend that is always on the season. The women’s co-ord set in bright colours and statement prints are the more classic styles that you can mix and match. Own the look of a fabulous chic with muted tones and timeless prints, consider the monochrome stripes and pastels.Here’s how to wear them

1. The botanical co-ords

Ready to take your style somewhere tropical? Floral patterns are not the only representative of the joyous Spring/Summer season, but they are incredibly pleasing to the eyes. They can be incorporated into your clothes, accessories and shoes. Floral prints and florals add a delicate feminine touch to the outfit with a hint of romance in the air.
Wear with heels or, for a more dressed-down look, a pair of white trainers.

2. The scarf print co-ords

Scarf prints were everywhere to be seen, with the trend now making its move onto this season's statement pieces. Spliced with paisley prints, florals and geometric motifs on bold blocks of colour, this two-piece features a long, languid kimono with hand-embellished sequins and a pair of co-ordinating wide-leg trousers. Layer with a simple white cami, finishing the look with block-heeled sandals.

3. Pastel colour co-ords

Pastel colours have always been a safer option to choose. They are ladylike and sweet looking hues that can be incorporated with almost any colour. No matter, if you are an edgy girl or classy lady, there are easy ways to make these ethereal light hues work for you.
The world of pastel colours has so much to offer, but it has to be done right to avoid looking washed out. This type of colouring brings luxury to mind, candies and innocence. It brings to mind luxury on a sunny afternoon and peaceful life. Pastels conjure images of a beautiful spring garden, tranquil days just like a dream. How to choose pastel colours according to your skin tone?
If you are light-skinned: Stick to a lovely powder blue paired with bold makeup for the best look, especially if you have warm undertones. Soft lavender looks quite romantic against your skin tone, with light muted hues working beautifully on your colouring. Cooler undertones work beautifully with pale orange and peaches as well.
If you are dark-skinned: Pastel yellows would look pretty incredible on dark skin tones, as the contrast is just right. Pastel purples also give you warmth while playing with your natural tone. Plus, the colour is incredibly soothing. Dark skin with warm undertones should opt for a fluorescent pastel, such as a bright teal for extra effect.
Colour for all: Pink, however, is excellent on all skin tones, warming up the face and bringing a happy feeling forward. It's simple, bright and beautiful. Pastel pinks are so charming and have as significant an effect as darker or hotter pinks.

4. The Checked Co-Ords

Check, please. The checkered pattern is one of the notable trends right now, whereas prints, in general, are huge in the industry. If you choose to be fashionable, you may want to add some cool pieces with a checkered pattern to your wardrobe. They've always been here regardless of trends, and just like stripes, they're universally flattering to wear all year round. Though the check pattern is a particular style, it can also be very varied: next to Gingham, the tartan pattern in red gets a lot of attention.
Extend the wearability of each piece by styling it with other separates in your wardrobe.
What do you think? What type of accessories would you style with this? Also, are you a fan of styling co-ords two pieces? Which of the pieces from all is more up your alley?
We would love to hear your opinion! Let's connect, comment down and let us know.

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