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About Us

Shahpur Jat

Near the ruins of centuries-old Siri Fort, Shahpur Jat is a tiny urban village that’s become a hip, bohemian enclave, home to designers’ studios and quirky shops. Along narrow streets decorated with vivid murals, cozy stores offer elaborately packaged teas, pillowcases printed with Indian motifs, embroidered saris, and tunics. Several low-key coffee shops and bistros serve a mix of Indian and Western food.

Jat has become the go-to shopping destination for every bride-to-be, thanks to a number of great independent boutiques selling everything from designer sarees and jewellery to men’s tuxedos. This area is also the place to be if you’re travelling all the way to Delhi to attend an Indian friend’s wedding. 

Bridal shopping in Shahpur Jat.

During the wedding season, the narrow alleys of Shahpur Jat are filled with soon-to-be brides and grooms plus their friends and families, all rushing from one boutique to another to find the perfect outfits for the big day. With so many amazing stores to choose from, it’s safe to say they’re all quite spoilt for choice.

On the other hand, if you’ve travelled across the world to attend a friend’s wedding in Delhi and haven’t yet decided what to wear, you will also find some great options such as anarkalis, lehengas, gowns and sarees at the boutiques in Shahpur Jat.

Just 3 Preety, Madsam Tinzin, Preeti S Kapoor, Liz Paul, Bhumika Grover, Sahiba Singh,  are all popular stores. There’s no dearth of fabrics, colours or designs at these places – you won’t be disappointed. But these designer outfits don’t come cheap. 

Monuments in Shahpur Jat

About 900 years ago, Shahpur Jat was slowly occupied by the Dagar farmers from Indri in Haryana. The land was fertile, they were able

farmers and got rich quickly. As more clans came in, Shahpur Jat(the wealthy colony of Jats) came into being

The surrounding area in ruins now, but Shahpur Jat still draws tourists to the old monuments… and some chic shops! The Government acquired the open farmlands here in 1978, to create the posh colonies of the Asiad Village, Panchsheel Park and Hauz Khas. The already heavily compensated farmers laters made a killing by adding extra floors to their houses - it is these structures that now house designers’ shops.

Cafe’s in Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is one of the loveliest places in Delhi, where food and fashion come together in a beautiful way. With the addition of newer restaurants and cafes in Shahpur Jat, it has become increasingly easier to grab a bite when you’re taking a break, no matter which lane you find yourself in. So, the next time you are out exploring the endless lanes at this trendy shopping hub, check out some of these cafes in Shahpur Jat for a delicious time.

Threads Café, Remember me cafe, Cafe Red are an all popular cafe.

Day Closed: Sunday

Timing : 11:30am - 07:30pm

Bus/Metro: Siri Fort bus stop/Hauz Khas Mero station, Yellow Line

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