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Best places to buy fine Jewellery

With all the nude and pastels trending these days, we love to accessorize our outfits with fine and minimal Jewellery. 
A lot of people might not be well-versed with fine Jewellery and what is it made of and how can one carry it in day-to-day use.Well, we are here to help you with all of the above.
First, let’s understand what fashion jewellery is and what is fine Jewellery. The difference between fashion jewellery and fine Jewellery can be quite simple: it all comes down to the materials of the Jewellery.Fashion jewellery
Fashion jewellery, also known as costume jewellery, is usually made with base metals and simulated stones. These pieces are often made with brass, copper, or aluminium, which bend and tarnish easily. Jewellery made entirely out of textiles or leather, base metal alloys, and even metals plated with precious metals like gold or silver also fall under fashion jewellery. 
Simulated stones include plastic stones, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals. Fashion jewellery tends to come at a much lower price than fine Jewellery does, and a damaged piece can be replaced easily. Fine Jewellery 
Fine Jewellery is used to describe Jewellery made of solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and/or other precious metals. This kind of Jewellery also often uses genuine precious gemstones like real diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. Because it’s made entirely of solid precious metals and precious gemstones, fine Jewellery is so much stronger than fashion jewellery and will not tarnish with proper care and storage.If you’re confused about where designer jewellery falls between these two categories, look at the composition of the piece. 
 Some designers do raise prices on fashion jewellery simply because of the association with the brand name, making it seem as though a low-quality piece is worth more. 
But most brands only produce high-quality pieces made of precious metals and genuine gemstones. Do pay attention to hallmarks on your Jewellery to figure out whether it’s fashion jewellery with a fancy brand name or truly fine Jewellery. Here are some Indian labels who are acing at the fine jewellery designs which anyone can pull-off! 

1. Foro fine jewellery

Founded by two friends and architects Smita and Vincy, FORO is a demi-fine jewellery brand based in Mumbai. Inspired by simple geometries in architecture and contemporary culture, FORO's Jewellery is minimalistic and chic.
FORO speaks for all those who have a taste in luxury, minimalistic, elegant looking pieces. The founders came up with this idea when they saw immense popularity and demand for urban contemporary Jewellery for everyday wear, which was a challenge to find in the market.
Their Jewellery is made in 18-karat gold and ethically sourced diamonds. It creates an elegant, dainty and accessible addition to any jewellery box.
FORO's focus was not only to focus on luxury but the price as well, which would allow people to buy it regularly and switching between different styles for different outfits. Their Jewellery is hand-crafted with the best available materials and artisans.
They have their manufacturing set up and procurement of diamonds at source and eliminating the inflated mark up's of the middlemen or designer labels. The Jewellery reaches all at an affordable price.

INSTAGRAM: foroworld
CONTACT: +91 8797448797, +91 8797338797
ADDRESS: (Visits by appointment only)
A/48 Nandkishore Industrial Estate,
Off Mahakali caves road
Andheri ( East)
Mumbai -400093

2. Stac fine jewellery

All of us have always seen our parents, the heavy jewellery pieces they owned were held in the bank lockers and taken out only for special occasions. This way, the Jewellery was utilized and worn only on special occasions and bare minimum Jewellery was available to us for everyday wear and not a lot of variety to style it with different outfits.
That's when STAC realized this was the case with most girls in our generation and so decided to build something that every girl has most likely looked for but couldn't find it that is fine Jewellery that one can wear every day, that the modern girl feels proud to own, and that doesn't break the bank!
STAC was born with the idea to create pieces that can go from the breakfast table to the dance floor, from the office wardrobe to your Indian wear, from a simple look to a STAC’d bolder look!
Based out of Mumbai, STAC was started by two friends Aakriti and Rashi with their combined skill set and joint love for minimalism, STAC was built – to redefine fine Jewellery and create everyday luxury. Luxury should be fun, affordable and part of your everyday. Crafted in 18k gold and diamonds, their pieces are luxurious yet light, hassle-free and comfortable to wear.
INSTAGRAM: stacfinejewellery
CONTACT: +91 9653 363 960

3. Irasva

Irasva is a part of Renaissance Global Limited, which is India’s largest designer, manufacturer and exporter of studded Jewellery.
Leshna founded it committed mother to two, world traveller, jewellery designer, entrepreneur and more.
Irasva is for everyone who is looking for fine Jewellery in different shapes and sizes which are well crafted in diamond and gold.
The designer expresses her style and mood in all the designs and says, “Design is all around, in forms, in conversations, even in the moods of the sky.”
They have a wide variety of rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces, bangles and bracelets starting from Rs 25,000 going up to Rs 2 lac.

INSTAGRAM: irasvajewellery
CONTACT: 18004194018

4. Kareena nahar

Brought up in an environment where jewellery was a way of life, Kareena started attending international jewellery events at the age of 13 and was instantly enamoured by the brilliance of fine jewels. After honing her designing skills and attaining her gemologist degree at GIA, New York, Kareena embarked on a journey to create inspired jewels with a refreshing and unique signature touch.
Her design philosophy reflects an eclectic mix of ethnic Indian influences, classic European “haute joaellerie”, and modern fashion trends.
Every jewel hand-crafted in her atelier is a striking symbol of individuality; a culmination of meticulous detailing in design and utmost precision in craftsmanship.

INSTAGRAM: kareenanahar
CONTACT: +91 98191 62959

5. Caratlane

CaratLane was founded in 2008, with the objective to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable. After speaking to hundreds of women across the country, we came to find that there was a common dilemma women faced - picking between expensive jewellery for special occasions, and everyday jewellery that was of inferior quality and was not keeping pace with their changing lifestyle.
CaratLane was founded, to give women access to modern, fine jewellery, that was also wearable everyday.

INSTAGRAM: caratlane
CONTACT: 1800-102-0103
Do you have a favourite yet? Because we can’t choose among all these gorgeous fine jewellery brands.
Comment down below and let us know.

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