Shoot Up Your Accessory Game @Shahpur Jat

Invest in the right kind of accessory to give yourself a new look each day. The same outfit, if put together with cute accessories, can give you different looks. So, we have a little guide for you to buy the right kind of accessories for you without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Lila has a range of necklaces, bags, and bangles to keep your monochrome work outfits lively. Their elegant collection of accessories leave a mark on everyone. These are not just lightweight and easy to carry, but also dap and flattering. Their range starts for Rs. 1000 and is available in a variety of colors. 

Olivia Dar

Olivia Dar is the right mix of Indian colors and style. Right out of Paris, its accessories are all classy and chic. They have a range of necklaces, scarves, belts, and bags in different colors, sizes, and patterns. Their unique and ultra-modern designs embrace your outfits as well as your wardrobe. Their collection is starting from Rs. 1,500 is excellent even for gifting purposes. 

Suhana Arts and Jewels

Chunky pendants and Matt gold make you shine wherever you go. And Suhana arts and jewels collection helps you do so! 

Gold and silver junk jewels are the right trends for you to grab this wedding season, and so is Suhana Arts and Jewels.starting from just Rs. 1,000, their collection is all glitters and shine.


Avocadoe is A cute little store hidden in the narrow alleys of Shahpur Jat. They specialize in handbags made of leather and accessories for both men and women. They have unique patterns and prints with quality-driven products that make it one of the best accessory store of Shahpur Jat. From neon pinks to dull whites, it has all the types of colorful accessories you need.


House of Blondie

House of Blondie has been known for its quirky and retro-themed accessories. Recently, they’ve also added some Indian wear in the collection too. So, now it’s an ideal place for you to get yourself a western as well as Indian wear. Their signature John Lennon sunglasses and mustache wristbands are quite trendy and sported by every fashionista. Their quirky accessories are collected from all around the world and redesigned to give a modern edge with the sparkle of a vintage touch! 

Les Parisiennes

Les Parisiennes is a concept store housed in a haveli. They’ve got some of the most beautiful bags and accessories you’ve ever seen! Help your outfits to stand out by Shopping for some antique necklaces and coats and earrings from here. Catch hold of their collection of scarves too, ladies! 

So there you go, next time you go for an outfit shopping in Shahpur Jat, you can also check out all these unique, one-of-a-kind accessories stores to make those outfits stand out even more.

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