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The Kitchen Connect is a renowned food brand that has something great to offer for the health-conscious and you’ll love their menu! From Paneer Tikka Masala Cashews to Keto mixes and granola bars, Kitchen Connect’s got the most appetizing snacks you can much on, guilt-free. Bringing to you a one-stop tummy fix was the brand established by Ms. Sakshi Mithal in 2015. The Kitchen Connect was started to connect individuals, friends, corporates, and the community to the first love of their life.



Having opened just a few weeks ago, The Kitchen Connect is a part of a larger, multi-designer store called Megaan that retails in designer footwear, trousseau apparel, lehengas, and of course, wedding favors. While this gourmet food store is specialized in gifts and wedding boxes, you can always drop by this place to pick up your pack of monthly munchies.

This store has shelves full of yummy munchies like the Chocolatey English Brittle with a crunchy, caramel-dipped almond, caramel center, Pudina Cashews, Italian Cheese Cashews, chia pumpkin seeds keto mixes, granola baked in honey, and more. They even have special diet cakes, gluten-free dishes, muesli, and oatmeal cookies. the Rose & Strawberry Cashews, the dark chocolate bites with walnut, raw cocoa, and dates that had zero sugar {but taste heavenly} and the Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies we don’t mind having for lunch, dinner and breakfast, every day are the favorites. The Kitchen Connect also does mouth freshener jars with kishmish stored with rose petals and paan for a few days to give you a super refreshing mix. From baby showers, baby announcements, weddings, high tea meetings, birthday bashes, corporate events or friendly get-togethers, they cater to all kinds of occasions! So its the perfect destination for y’all!




Running out of ideas to get that awesome gift for your loved ones? Bringing smiles on your loved ones’ faces, they curate cutesy hampers – suitable for every occasion. Focusing on perfectly personalized experiences, The Kitchen Connect even offers healthy organic and gluten-free hampers, healthy food hampers, and chocolate hampers, they readily customize and offer the best gifts for you! Their prices of the bulk orders range from Rs 400 to Rs 2,000, where they’ll happily guide you to find the best hampers as per your fancies and whims. They have wedding boxes, gift hampers and are more than happy to send sample boxes.

P.S. – They also hold fun, exciting and friendly hands-on cooking classes! serving a pleasurable culinary experience to promote the culture of the art of cooking, they’re breaking the stereotype and making cooking a cakewalk! 


Where to go?

Location | 5H, 1st Floor, Dada Jungi House Lane, Shahpur Jat

Call To Connect | +91 9999 301 138

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