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Trending nail art designs and ideas

Every style-conscious woman knows that dressing from top to toe means that all the little details require close attention. Your nails play an important role in presenting a chic impression and will need to be dressed up too. So why not ditch your plain base coat and opt for stunning nails with a unique, creative twist.
There’s something about having perfect nails which give us an extra boost of confidence. A fresh manicure is an ideal way to add a little something different to your outfit. We all keep bumping into a variety of nail art videos and pictures every time we open our Instagram feed.
I am sure, we all keep adding those images to our save folder, and then we never see them again.
From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone with these stylish nail trends – because life is too short for boring nails.
Let’s check our favourite nail arts.

1. Tie-dye Inspired Nail Art

Tie-dye has been everywhere this year, and now it's made its way down to our fingertips. Tie-dye is fun and frivolous, the opposite of what 2020 has been so far and we're fully embracing the trend for tie-dye nails, be it one statement nail or a full set of technicolour talons. The best thing about the trend? It's surprisingly easy to recreate at home if you're not ready to visit your nail tech yet – arm yourself with four polish colours and a nail art brush or a sponge, and you're good to go. Apply a white base coat, then working quickly, while it's still wet, dot your chosen colours onto the white. Then, place a sandwich bag over your nail and pat down on it to merge the colours. You can add additional details by running a toothpick through the polish as well. Remember that you do have to work quickly before the polish starts to dry and become tacky. Once it's dry, apply a clear topcoat to make your beautiful tie-dye look last.

2. Ombre Nail Art Design

Ombré nails are a type of manicure in which a colour gradient is created. A light colour on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker colour toward the tip. Why settle for a mere single shade when you can colour your world with the coolest ombre nail designs that will instantly elevate your look from basic to brilliant. While ombre has been wildly popular in hair and couture, its whimsical gradient of tones – from shadow to light – is stylishly transforming nails in the same fashion. There are numerous designs you can try, like french ombre, glitter ombre, pink ombre, ombre coffin nails and so on.

3. Sweet Nail Art Design

Pineapples are sweet in nature and flavour. As such, they're perfect for creating this nail art design. The key to this look is to not go over the top. Choose one finger for the artwork, and one finger for an accent colour to anchor the design. Then, keep the rest of the nails a subtle nude colour to let your sweet artwork do all the taking. Pineapples are perfect because yellow is such a bold colour, but you could choose any fruit for a similar effect. The bright red of an apple or deep purple of grapes would look amazing. Your imagination only limits you!

4. CD Nails

Embrace the 90s with a holographic CD inspired nail. This eye-catching look is easily achieved with a special pigment made up of tiny reflective particles. Start with bare nails or your desired base colour, apply a layer of the pigment and finish with a clear sealing gel!

5. Marble nails

Believe it or not, that marble countertop you've been dreaming about for your kitchen is perfect manicure inspiration! Using a marble nail design can be the perfect way to step up your mani game and add some interest. On long, stiletto nails, this design is glamorous and artsy, and on shorter nails, it adds a little more interest to a classic mani. This surprisingly easy to apply nail design is done by dipping your nail in a bowl of water with marbled nail polish floating on the top. Perfect for beginners who want to learn a new design technique, or even for professionals who wish to offer a trendy look at their nail salon. These beautiful designs can be worn in any season and matched to any style.

6. Geometric art

Not everyone is a fan of math class, but almost everyone is a fan of geometric nails. The same angles and shapes that used to torture us in geometry class are now making our nails look gorgeous. There's something about the organized chaos of geometric nails that are not only soothing but super pleasing to look at. And the best thing about geometric nails? They work for both the minimalist or the maximalist -- it's all up to the individual's preference of design! For the holidays, try using shades of gold, silver, red, and green -- oh, and obviously, add some glitter in that too. In the summer, bright neons or light pastels will make any manicure transmit those easygoing vibes. Plus, the same nail polish colours can be used with different patterns, dot-work, and angles to make completely different-looking manicures each time.

7. Hint of gold

A lot of chrome can occasionally be a bit much. However, if you like the look, but wish to calm it down, why not opt for gold feature nails? That way, you get the best of both worlds. A nude coat of polish underneath allows the gold design to stand out. The easiest way to achieve this look is to go for a chrome decal. Doing so gives you more flexibility with designs and patterns. Plus, by selecting a design, rather than painting a couple of nails full chrome, ensures your nail art looks intentional. Its time to style your nails with these gorgeous nail theme ideas. Let us know which one is your favourite!

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